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We are a 501(c)(3) theatre for the Performing Arts concentrating on the youth - ages 7 - 18. The personal skills developed through the art of performing opens up vast new worlds of opportunity to the student, regardless of age. "Creativity is essential to living a happy life!"  There is also open talent nights, magic shows, comedy nights, and other fun events to come.

All of our shows only rehearse for 4 weeks and the 5th week is reserved for tech rehearsals. We rehearse about 3 to 4 times per week - 3 weekdays, also Saturday & Sunday.  You only come when your scene is worked on.

THERE IS NO EXTRA COST TO BE INVOLVED. You will buy the script.


  Our main shows are on two consecutive weekends on Friday, Saturday at 7:oopm and                        Sunday at 2:00pm.      A Saturday matinee is on the second weekend.

The ticket prices for the productions are:

Adults (19 and over)  - $12

Seniors (over 65) - $10

Youths (18 and under) - $8  

Acting workshops are either Saturdays or Monday - Friday with a showcase on Saturday at 7:00pm.  The cost is $85 to participate. The showcase costs $5 per person.


The 2oo seat Hullabaloo is available to rent for any occasion.  Call the number for details.        740-587-0837

Christina's Hullabaloo Performing Arts Theatre Founder/Managing Director Christina Barth is a professional actress, singer, and teacher. Christina has been in the performing arts since she was 5 years old.   She has a BME from Ohio State University and has taught choral music in public schools as well as voice, piano, & dance privately.  As a professional actress she performed all over the country acting with regional theatres, film, television & radio commercials, industrials, and modeling.  She has been a member of AFTRA, Actors Equity, and OMEA (Ohio Music Educators Association.)  As a professional singer, she has opened for such greats as Wayne Newton, Starship, Joe Diffie, Trace Lawrence, Mark Chestnut, The Coasters, The Detours, Sonny Giraci & The Outsiders.  She has also sold Madeline and Doncaster Designer clothing as well as being involved in the Miss America pageants as an entertainer and a judge.  For 18 years, she created & directed Ohio's Youth Entertainers Stage Show - a vaudeville variety show featuring youths 'hamming it up'. The Entertainers performed in NYC - twice, Nashville, Memphis, Boston, & Washington D.C, and made a few T.V. appearances. She has directed countless youth & adult theatrical productions.  Creating a youth theatre has been a long, long dream- finally coming true! Welcome to The Hullabaloo!! Let's make some noise!!

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